Breaking News From FDI International: FDI Voice…The New Age In Telecom has Begun.

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Breaking News From FDI International: FDI Voice…The New Age In Telecom has Begun.


After severing its ties with GI Connect, FDI Internationalis stepping up it’s Game in the Telecom world with a new set of services Branded under the name FDI Voice and FDI Mobile (FDI Mobile Launches Jan 1st 2010).

With FDI voice you will have great phone service and unlimited calling plans(US Canada, and even Global) integrated with a Virtual assistant and the most cutting edge voice to text technology.

All this simply means is that with FDI Voice you will be able to call just about anywhere (without having to worry about long distance charges) and also have your very own VA (virtual assistant)

Check out this quick video demonstration of what you very own VA can do for you.


That’s right your FDI Voice Virtual Assistant will:

  • Check your email
    • yes it will read your email back to you.
  • Reply to emails
    • It will convert your speech to text and send emails.
  • Send Text messages
    • converts your voice to text and sends text messages
  • Make calls
    • Say “call Susie” and your VA will dial it for you.
  • Screen Calls
    • If you choose, each caller can be asked “who’s calling”, the response will be recorded and the caller placed on hold. Your VA will call you and tell you who’s calling. You can accept or reject each call. You’ll never have to take an unwanted call again.
  • Make sure that calls reach you 
    • People will only need to call one phone number – your new FDI Voice personal number but behind the scenes your VA (nicknamed Kylee) knows how to reach you. You can be anywhere, home, office, in your car, or even in a hotel while you’re traveling – your callers don’t need to know. Important calls can always get through to you – no matter where you are.
  • Record Voicemail
    • Callers can also choose to leave you a voice message, which you can pick up at your convenience or have delivered to your e-mail account. You’ll never have to miss an important message.
  • and much more…


Every FDI Voice number is answered by Kylee-your new Virtual communications assistant.

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Kirschan Blyden

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